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Wet Location Installations - Homepro will only Provide and Install -
Pure Stainless Steel Grab Bars with Peened/Textured Slip Resistant Grip with Concealed Screws

*Standard Installation Includes -
Installation through Ceramic Tile, Paneling, PVC / Fiberglass or Plastic shower wall liners over drywall or plaster,
Anchored with screws to studs, with standard toggle bolts or Hilti Brand EZ-Zip-Toggles
AND marine grade silicone adhesive.

Special Anchoring
Special Anchoring Devices and Special Anchoring Methods to Concrete or through Marble or other special type of construction
or substrate material or surface will be additional.

Homepro Inc. may install customer provided grab bars at an additional fee.

Homepro Inc. Reserves the right to refuse any installation pending-
Type of grab bar, structural condition of  walls, structure type or type of surface material
or any other reason deemed unsafe by installer

Installers Cannot instruct you of where to install grab bars!
This recommendation should be provided by the patient or
the patients Physician, Doctor, Occupational Therapist (O.T.),
Physical Therapist (P.T.) or other medically trained personnel.
We can ONLY inform of what is "typical" or "commonly" seen for grab bar installations!

If for any reason the grab bar cannot be installed in the preferred or recommended location
the installer will request permission to install at the nearest feasible location.
The installation of grab bars is a very serious task.
And should not be attempted by a novice.

They must be anchored properly and securely to prevent them from failure!

They should be water tight to prevent water damage inside of the wall.

And any exposed anchors should be stainless steel to prevent rusting of anchors and
ultimately - deterioration, weakening and eventual failure of the anchors.
Not to mention unsightly rust stains on your shower walls!

The best and most secure way to install grab bars is to anchor them to the wall studs,
this can create several problems from the beginning.

First problem is that standard wall stud spacing is 16"o/c (on center) which means that the center
of each stud is 16" from the center of the previous or next stud,
and grab bars come in standard lengths of 12", 18", 24", 36" and 48" lengths.

So even if you are able to attach one end of the grab bar accurately to a stud the opposite end will
fall short of reaching the next stud or will overreach the next available stud.

Second problem is to actually locate the stud behind the wall, as most electronic stud finders will
not accurately locate a stud through tile, marble, cultured stone/marble, fiberglass or other dense
shower wall materials.

Third is trying to drill through ceramic tile without cracking, damaging or completely destroying
the tile.

Beyond those problems there are still the issues of choosing the correct anchors for the type of
wall construction that will support the required weight.

ADA (American Disabilities Act) Technical Requirement weight is 250 lbf
That means that a properly installed grab bar
should support 250 poundsof each of the following -
250 lbf bending stress, 250 lbf shear stress, 250 lbf  shear force  and 250 lbf tinsel force

Another problem to face is making sure that the holes drilled into the shower area are water tight.
Water must not be able to get through the holes and inside of the wall as this will cause
deterioration of the wall from the inside out and the damage will not be noticeable until it is to late.
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