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Remodeling a home to accommodate people with special needs should not be undertaken without extensive research and
consultation involving the disabled person, concerned family members, physicians, therapists, caregivers and support
organizations - anyone whose insights and advice can help lead to the best choices among all of the options.

Some relatively easy modifications that can help make a house more accessible include installing, replacing or relocating:
bathroom grab bars; door, drawer and cabinet hardware; offset door hinges; and light switches, so that they are easily reached
and operated. Slip resistant floors may also be needed.

More involved renovations might be needed for wheelchair users. These may include roll-in showers, doorway modifications, and
wheelchair ramps or lifts. When deciding what works best for your home, keep in mind the following recommendations.

  • Walk through or have the person with special needs go through the area several times to ensure that you haven't overlooked
  • Safely attach equipment, such as grab bars, to the walls. You may have to open the wall to install blocking.
  • Pay close attention to color schemes and low maintenance  finishes. For example, users with limited vision, avoid low
    contrast colors on wall switches and shower controls. Such as white shower controls in a white shower.
Homepro offers many
accessibility and safety
items and services for
your home or business.

They range from
installation of a single
grab bar to complete
wheelchair accessible

Many items can be either
temporary or permanent.

Grab bars and rails come
in a variety of lengths,
colors, textures and
styles, and can be
mounted in many different
positions and angles, and
in any room.

We will custom install
them to your preference
or to specifications
recommended by your
doctor or physical
We Sell, Rent,
and Install
We Install
Items Provided
by you
or We
Can Provided
There also raised toilet
seat units available in
free standing adjustable
units, extra height toilet
seats that can replace
your existing seat and
lid or extra height
toilets to replace your
existing toilet.
We have a wide variety
of shower seats that
range from free standing
removable units to wall
mounted flip down units.
You can have a hand
held shower head
installed to make
showering while seated
even easier.
Ramps can be either
permanent structures
built much like a deck
type structure of treated
or cedar lumber or steel.
Or are also available in
portable lightweight
aluminum units. That
vary from small one
piece units, to larger
multi-fold units. The
steel and aluminum type
ramps are an excellent
choice when facing
stringent city and
municipal building
codes or for temporary
We also sell and install,
remote control, motion detected and voice
activated light switches that automatically turn
lights on when you enter a room, so you don't have
to remove your hands from a walker or a wheelchair.
They are also great if you have your hands full.

Homepro  offers complete remodeling services
with installation of wider doors, offset hinges,
roll-in wheelchair accessible shower bases that
replace an existing bathtub and wheelchair
accessible sinks,  for full accessibility.
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